TV Girl
Written by: Lauren Santia

While change is inevitable, 2020 has thrown the world more curveballs than wanted. Without a doubt, one of the biggest obstacles of the year has been the COVID-19 outbreak. With the whole world required to stay indoors, each person has been forced to cope and adapt. Some lost their jobs; others ate a pint of ice cream every day and some found new hobbies.

Everyone is affected by the pandemic, but those in the music industry were arguably hit the hardest. Tours got cancelled, many album releases got delayed, and a lot of money was lost. For some artists, live streams and virtual concerts have been a way for them to deal with the quarantine. For the hypnotic indie-pop band TV Girl, however, being quarantined means working on new music and projects, a virtual chess addiction, and allowing me to interview with them.


The SoCal based band, TV Girl, is not one to be slept on. Ever since the group (Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon) released their first full album, French Exit in 2014, TV Girl has continued to leave us with groovy beats that you just can’t help but dance or sing along to. With a single, an EP, and four albums (including one released in May 2020), TV Girl continuously delivers solid music.

In this interview with TV Girl, we get to see how this groovy trio is dealing with the unexpected challenges of COVID-19.

Music Player Magazine (MPM): Was it hard to adapt to the changes of being quarantined?
TV Girl (TVG): I don’t have a real job so my lifestyle didn’t change much. Taking naps, playing chess, reading, and skating is what I do most of the day regardless of pandemics. Just miss going to bars and seeing friends and all that.

MPM: Do you find it easier or harder to stay motivated during this time?
TVG: Easier. Before, most nights I would probably go out and do something, but now I just work on things at night.

MPM: What keeps you inspired during this time?
TVG: There’s a lot of projects and things I’ve wanted to do but didn’t have the time for. Now, I have no excuse and feel guilty if I’m not working on them.

MPM: Has quarantine changed how you look at creating or performing in any way?
TVG: Not really. Our whole tour got cancelled, which was going to be our best live show and biggest crowds yet, which is a bummer, but relatively minor compared to the hardships most people are going through.

MPM: What are some ways we can support musicians and other artists?
TVG: As always, if you can spare some dough buy a t-shirt or vinyl or something.

MPM: Do you think being quarantined has set you back or helped push you forward?
TVG: Set us back for sure. The lost income from the tour for one thing. Plus, we should already be thinking about booking our next tour, now we have to worry about rescheduling the one that got cancelled. And who even knows when that will happen.

MPM: Have you learned any new skills during the quarantine?
TVG: No. I had to deactivate my chess account because I was wasting entire days playing chess and not even getting better.

MPM: What are some challenges that you’ve faced while being locked down and how have you overcome them?
TVG: Nothing major. Strangely I’m living healthier than ever. Eating right, no boozing or drugs, and skating every day.

MPM: Do you have any advice for musicians who are wondering how to be productive during this time?
TVG: Yes. When you have endless swaths of free time, it’s easy to procrastinate. But nothing lasts forever, and you don’t want to come out of lockdown without having finished the projects that these special circumstances afford.

MPM: With the tour having to be cancelled, are you doing anything else to be able to connect with fans? (Livestreams, video performances, etc.)
TVG: Don’t wanna put ‘em down, but live streams just ain’t for me.

MPM: Will the touring resume after quarantine ends?
TVG: Who knows. As we have seen, the future is unpredictable.

COVID-19 has us all acting like a deer in the headlights. While 2020 has been a hard time for everyone, musicians were left to put their careers on a temporary halt. Super chill indie band, TV Girl, has made the most of this situation by continuing to create and release music while also having fun and by learning to put the chess game down. We look forward to seeing their post COVID works come to life.

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