Every new music career is filled with booming passion, shortly followed by many questions: Does my music have potential? How can I create a fan base? Am I using social media in the best way to make my music go viral?

The first thing you should know, is that taking your music from a hobby to a profession is not an easy route. Though it may not be easy, it is indeed a beautiful route that fosters creativity with the potential to change your life.


In the beginning of their career, many musicians skip over the basics – your skills as a musician. It may sound tedious but once your fan base starts growing, you want to be stage ready. Start off with a solid skill set and seek out to master it before embarking on new steps.

It is important to recognize that everyone needs a way to fine tune their skills, from courses to coaches. At every point during your career there is a use for professional assistance.


Research music coaches in your area or search for a course on how to improve your skills. This is a great step in the right direction.


Once your skills have a solid groundwork, the marketing begins. The marketing of music is a more technical side of the industry most artists shy away from, but it is a very necessary part of your music career.

Your brand can be the difference between going viral and being unknown. Your brand defines who you are – how people perceive, your vibe, your genre, your look, also how memorable you are and what you are known for – on and offline.

Figure out who you are offline, apart from your music. When you know yourself, you are secure and confident – these, and other attributes, will shine through your music. Work on your online persona, your music persona, separately and from a creative perspective.


Do you know what your brand is? Start a vision board of what you envision your brand to be, then create a to-do list on how to incorporate that into your social media. Hang this vision board where you can see it every day as motivation. Next, get started on that to-do list and what you want to accomplish.


Creating social media accounts specifically for your music is a first step in taking your music seriously. This means creating consistent, daily postings with pictures and videos, and positive notes. Interact with fans, potential fans, and any followers with even the smallest reply. If someone DMs you or leaves you a comment, always respond in a timely manner.

Social media management, by itself, is a part time job. Remember, be consistent and set apart time in your schedule to strategize and create content. If you don’t, it can become overwhelming. If you need help to maintain your social media and you have a budget, you can always hire a social media manager or social media content creator to jumpstart your account.


Social media is key, however…networking offline is just as important, if not more so. Meeting other professionals in the music industry and making connections offline remains the best way to further your career in a more sustainable way. In the end, your business, your brand, will not rely solely on a social media platform.


Rejection sounds scary but it is a common, necessary, and important aspect of every career. Our moments of failure define us. Here is what you need to ask yourself:

How do you react to failure?

Did you get right back up?

Did you let it defeat you?

Did you improve yourself afterwards?

If any of your answers had negative connotations, then your response to rejection is a skill you should start working on. The next time something inconvenient happens or there is a bump in the road – ask yourself, “What can I learn from the experience? What can I do to recover? How can I improve or build on this?” All great artists have been rejected at some time. Rejection leads to sweet moments down the road if you work on learning lessons and improving your craft.


Sometimes rejection is meant to happen to steer us in the right direction. Maybe you aren’t meant to have that opportunity, something better might be coming your way. Stay positive…keep going!

In all, keep your skills honed and your vibe positive. Take every experience as a learning opportunity. For more tips on each of these topics and more, check out the complete Artist Plugin Program at www.artistpluginprogram.com or www.danifelt.com for more information.

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