The Daybrakers – ‘Did You Miss Me?’
Written by: Miss K

Here it is at last – the Daybrakers’ new explosive, sizzling EP ‘Did You Miss Me?’ Released on June 12, it is their strongest material to date taking on a slightly different sound than their two previous singles yet still staying true to their blues-rock roots. “Crash & Burn” was released last month as the first single and a teaser for the EP. While it is simply an epic track, it is still just a sliver of the Daybrakers’ continued awesomeness.

“Crash & Burn” is the anthem that kickstarts the EP. The song sets the scene, as the London-based trio builds the foundation with a driving bass, pulsating drums, electrifying guitar, and smooth vocals. It is still a rock sound but perhaps a more commercial approach. Nevertheless, it is engaging and electrifying with lyrics that are more poetic than their previous singles and perfected with a short but sweet guitar solo.

“Crash & Burn (in Exile)”

The second track “Turn Up the Silence” carries more of the standard blues-rock sound formed on their previous singles. Aidan Connell’s guitar rings and soars across the track, following the great drum intro. The lyrics are just wonderful, and I am impressed by how much the trio has evolved in such a short time. Conor Cotterill’s basslines have grown more funky while retaining the great groove and drive. The vocals are as smooth as ever, delivering the awesome lyrics. James Guillis’s drums are steady and punching, a force of true thunder.

“Bamako Blues” features Connor Selby guesting on guitar. This song simply has an amazing groove, but what truly stands out is the substance. I am in love with the chorus – again, the lyrics are incredible. The guitar is explosive, blazing across the track yet refraining in the verses so the vocals shine in an alternating fashion between music and voice. The bassline is a strong force, like how a foundation should be. And with the drums, the groove carries on . . .

The final track “Black Music” carries the thread from the first. Another anthem with a strong groove, a bold guitar, and driving percussion. The intro creates a surge of adrenaline, but it softens slightly as the vocals shine and capture one’s complete and utter attention. The lyrics are important in these times. It is an excellent rock track that has substance and is easily the strongest track off the EP, though all the songs have their moments and there is an excellent cohesion from track to track.

The evolution of The Daybrakers is appearing slowly but surely and shining brightly. Keeping their blues-rock foundation, the trio shows they are not afraid to experiment and shift into a slightly more commercial sound. The substance and brilliance remains the same throughout their music. If you enjoyed their debut single “Tear the Walls Down” and the follow-up “Bluesbreaker,” you will certainly find enjoyment in ‘Did You Miss Me?’ If this is the first you have heard of the Daybrakers, give them a listen and you will soon find out what you have been missing all this time is some good old rock-n-roll made for the modern age.

‘Did You Miss Me?’ Spotify album link

AIDAN CONNELL – vocals, guitar
CONNOR SELBY – guitar on “Bamako Blues”

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