Review – RALPH
By: Migs Lava; Courtesy of Canadian Beats

Album: Flashbacks & Fantasies
Release Date: November 13, 2019
Genre: Pop

Flashbacks & Fantasies is the newest EP from Toronto based artist, RALPH.
Overall, Flashbacks & Fantasies is a veritable feast of pure pop with some splashes of R&B and disco mixed in for extra flavour. Featuring the artist’s silky female vocals and electronic samples, every second of the EP’s sound feels ready to burst with energy and love. This makes sense as every song of the Flashbacks & Fantasies is themed around love; whether that’s falling in love, moving on from love, forbidden love or unwanted love. But it’s more than that — I get a strong sense that RALPH wants her listeners to feel loved by listening to the care and attention put into each song for them.

Standout tracks on the EP to me were “Gravity” and “No Muss No Fuss”. “Gravity” is definitely more than any other track on the EP the one meant to get you dancing. As RALPH noted herself about this track, “my babies asked for a bop” and she definitely delivered. Featuring a heavy, pulsing disco beat, “Gravity” is pure fun.

“No Muss No Fuss” follows RALPH being followed by a persistent ex who can’t seem to take the hint. This track features some of the best line in on the EP in my opinion: I particularly loved the chorus where RALPH says “It got too messy, now you’re obsessing, but I want no muss, no fuss, no u’.” There’s a real sense of fun to this track — as if RALPH is less talking to the ex, but gossiping to the listener about a relatable problem. The track even ends with RALPH lightly laughing and I’m pretty sure the intent is for us to join in.

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About the Author: Migs Lava
I grew up in Alberta, but spent most of my life in British Columbia – I also spent a lot of my summers in Britain as I was lucky enough to have immigrant parents with the capital to go visit our relatives. The amount of time I spent overseas makes it hard for me to say I feel fully Canadian, but it does make me feel typically Canadian as so many of us have mixed parentage. My parents defined another divide in me as I feel inexorably pulled to both science and the art; my father being a doctor and my mother being a school teacher. I studied both in university and now work on making healthcare software during the day, then write/read/draw/paint and dance in my evenings. My global wanderings, my education, and the fact that my appetite for media could be described as ‘voracious’ means my frame of reference is pretty varied. It’s hard to say that I have a favourite music genre, rather I am always seeking sounds that convey a sense earnestness an honesty.

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