Q&A with Jimi Kendrix
By: Keith “Jax” Jackson

We often ponder about producers in the music industry. The questions that continue to be asked are “Who’s the best” or “Who has the most hit records?” Today, we have the honor of putting the spotlight on multi- genre super producer Kendred Smith, aka Jimi Kendrix. A little about Jimi Kendrix’s background. He was one of the producers for Grammy topping label Murder Inc. Jimi has worked with Patti Labelle, Charlie Wilson, Jay Z, Ja Rule, Zane, Lloyd, Ashanti, Swizz Beats, Rihanna, Dip Set, Heavy D, Bone Thugs N Harmony, AZ, Ruben Studdard, Wu-Tang Clan ,Lil Kim, Kelly Price, Foxy Brown, Shyne, Ace Hood, Mobb Deep, Jada Kiss, Ray J, Bow Wow, LL Cool J, Beyoncé, Rick Ross, Jay Lyriq, Tay Dizm, Yung Joc, MTV, Disney, BET, and the list continues to grow. Jimi has earned six Grammys, five Grammy nominations, 10 platinum records, 10 Gold records, an ASCAP award. We’re sure that there’s more that can be add to this long impressive list.

Music Player Magazine: When did you realized that you wanted to become a musician?

Jimi: My family is full of talented people in my family. My mom was the biggest influencers and foundation I have ever known. She was a great singer but we lost her three years ago however she still lives in my music so I don’t never want to stop.

MPM: We had the honor of watching you play the drums. How did you start playing the drums?

Jimi: I start beating on pots and pans when I was young and that’s where the love started with the different sounds that has me still hooked. I worked so hard that I went on tour with Charlie Wilson playing the drums. Now that was a great experience.

MPM: Jimi, do you play any other live instruments?

Jimi: Yes, I also Love the key board. The keyboard gives me the ability to express myself in so many ways.

MPM: How long have you been in the music industry?

Jimi: Wow, you would ask me that, while laughing, Well I must say over 20 years I started when I young but I haven’t aged a bit.

MPM: Can you take us back to that first day when you received your first production credit?

Jimi: Well really, I didn’t want to share this but it was on a record with Kelly Price. Kelly is my sister so I didn’t want anything handed to me because who she is in the industry. I love earn my keep hard work always pay off.

MPM: With that being said how did you feel when you won your first Grammy?

Jimi: Well they’re so many words I could express but grateful came first. It was like did they really call out a song I produced. Seconds later, I was looking around like yelp it’s real.

MPM: What would you like to tell a new producer or even a seasoned producer that has felt like giving up on their dreams of making to the big stage?

Jimi: I’ve been there. It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve made some of my best music in a basement or in a corner room. I couldn’t afford to go to a studio but that drove me to become better. Embrace and surround yourself with people with a winning mindset. You don’t have to have 30 people but you do need that small group that effective.

MPM: We see that you’re on all the social media platforms and I’m wondering why aren’t you verified yet?

Jimi: You know I use to wonder about that years ago but I know who I am and what I have achieved as a producer so it’s humbling. If they offer, I won’t turn it down, laughing.

MPM: We know your pressed for time but what else do you do other than produce?

Jimi: Gosh it’s so much from writing, arranging, engineering. It takes a lot to create a record. It’s like making a cake from scratch you have to have the right amount of everything.

MPM: It was great that you took a quick break from the studio. Tell everyone how you can be reached?

Jimi: I’m on all social media outlets. I’m always looking to work with artist of all genres send your request to the email below.

Instagram: @realjimikendrix
Twitter: @jimikendrix
Facebook: @jimikendrix @KendredSmith
LinkedIn: Jimi Kendrix
Email: [email protected]

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