Based in San Francisco, Palm has been reinvented by co-founders Dennis Miloseski & Howard Nuk—Bay Area design leaders and entrepreneurs with over 20 years experience bringing tech and lifestyle products to market for some of the most renowned brands in the world.

Palm was one of the first companies to put mobile devices into consumers’ hands. Palm changed the mobile game when they introduced the popular PalmPilot in 1996—ushering in the handheld mobile era.

A new team has emerged to build on the Palm heritage and change the game again. The original PalmPilot made your computer mobile, now the new Palm is making smartphones truly mobile again. We have embraced Palm’s innovative spirit and created a new ultra-mobile device that keeps you connected and present at the same time.

We’re bringing people out of their tech and into their lives. We’re reimagining how we interact with the physical and digital world—never compromising one for the other. And it starts with the technology we put into the palm of our hand.

They put together an incredible team with diverse backgrounds in music, athletics, fashion, design, and tech. Our team and the products we are creating are inspired by the passionate creators that live life outside of the screen—the makers, artists, innovators, musicians, athletes, and dreamers.

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