A history of the anthemic rock band… Crashing Cairo

Since breaking into the indie rock scene in February 2007, Metro-Detroit based Crashing Cairo have been primarily playing venues from Chicago to New York City, Cincinnati, up through Michigan. With their debut album, Monday Changed Everything (2008), they merge gritty hooks with rollicking guitars to generate some seriously inspired gems. Monday Changed Everything explores wounded naievete, throwback instrumentals, and smart guitars throughout the album. Their follow-up E.P. “In the Forest”, continues there journey, expanding their sonic palate, and growing as song writers. With their release of the single “Cotton Pillow”, Crashing Cairo has found their niche with “stadium filling choruses” and driving beats that will resonate with listeners across the spectrum.

{When I was asked for more “REAL” bio information… this is how I responded…}
As for us… I (wax) started performing my music solo/acoustic years ago… played shows from Detroit to New York City.. (CBGB’s)… Then I met..Duane… also known as Custom (wrote the hit song “Hey Mister”)
He showed up to a show… invited me back to his place… (a HUGE apartment in NYC) and suggested I get a band together… Well… I took his advice….
After playing together for a little while… I wanted it to be more of a “band”… not me solo.. with a back up band… so we changed the name, took on a real BAND attitude… and here we are….

“Monday Changed Everything” answers any question you may have. Yes, they belong on the charts. Crashing Cairo gave a stadium sized performance and I am glad I was there to experience it.”
— Amy Palomar

Review from Radio Basile ~ Italy

Crashing Cairo has really something to say in this bloody crowded music world, believe me! Indigenous to Detroit, Michigan, US, they brilliantly produce a superb full flavoured alternative rock, with mixed experiences that range from symphonic music effects to almost punkish riffs, that hits the point; “developing a cutting edge sound in this era is a difficult task” says Wax. But for me they have reached the objective, a great band such as this one should be in the charts!! Their sensational mini lp is a joy to listen to, 6 stunning tunes, each song it’s better than the previous one, don’t really know which way to start to find a single, nothing to waste. Apart “Hair”, the wonderful song in the player, we have the extraordinary “Rise”, the brit pop oriented “Children”, “Luxury” a passionate ballad, “Greyhound” and “Tell”, both fantastic. From 1 to 10, 8! Join my enthusiasm and visit their web page

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