Heidi Hudson Leick was born in Ohio where she lived for a short period of time before moving to Rochester, New York. It was here where she developed her passion for acting. This led her to the Neighborhood Playhouse Acting School in New York City, which boasts of such alumni as Gregory Peck, Grace Kelly and Diane Keaton.

Hudson started her career as a model. This enabled her to experience another one of her passions, travel. Despite the many international adventures modeling allowed, Hudson decided to concentrate on an acting career. Her big break came in 1995 when she obtained a starring role in an Aaron Spelling production. Hudson really left an impression with this legendary TV producer, and he went on to use her in many of his projects including Melrose Place (1992).

Hudson is best known for her captivating role on Xena: Warrior Princess (1995). Here, her incomparable portrayal of a warrior queen with nothing but revenge on her mind has left a mark on all who have had the pleasure of watching her. Hudson describes this experience as being very therapeutic and relished the opportunity to play such an enraged character. However, don’t worry, she has also been known to play an angel on a few occasions. Hudson has also appeared on two of the highest-rated TV shows, Law & Order(1990) and, most recently, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000). When Hudson is not acting or hiking through Nepal, she concentrates on her yoga practice. She has helped to launch Healing Heart Yoga Center Inc. It is here where Hudson touches the lives of all who have the privilege of her yoga teachings.

She has been practicing yoga for twenty one years. She started taking yoga in New York City and after each class she would find such peace and calm.

Experiencing that was completely new and strange to Her. She has practiced more with many different teachers, I learned so much more than perfecting a yoga pose. She learned to breathe, how not to get it perfect, to try something new, and to lighten my heart.

In Her own words: I came from a very dark place in my teens and twenties. I feel yoga saved me. It opened me up. I would cry in class without knowing why and I was accepted. Through yoga, I have been able to connect to my own spirituality – something that I not only did not believe in, but was angry at the mere thought of. Yoga has continued to open me, soften my heart, and heal aspects of my life that deeply needed healing.

I love teaching. I love being in the same room with people wanting to grow beyond what they know. It is a privilege to watch people expand – to just have the courage to step into the yoga room and breathe deeply, maybe for the first time in their lives, and move.

My intention is to empower people and to create a sacred space that allows them to fully bloom into their true authentic selves. This sacred space is safe, loving, and non-judgmental so that people can explore and play within their own beings. It is a space where people are safe to dive deep within themselves, to unravel pain and stress they may have been holding for years so that they can connect to their innate being of joy, freedom, and self love.

What yoga means to me – it keeps changing for me. Right now, it is a surrender of the heart. Yes, I must take action, I must move my body, but at the core, it’s a giant surrender to realize that I am such a small part in this great universe. I realize that my time here is limited and if I’ve healed so much from this practice, I must, I am honored, and I am driven to give it back. I know yoga works. It changed me. I’ve seen it change others. I believe by moving, breathing, and feeling, we heal. I have and continue to do so. Yoga has brought to me – Me. A simpler, clearer vision of just me and I wish and hope that for everyone

Yoga was the beginning of my ability to connect to my intuition and through that doorway my intuition has broadened and expanded my offerings to Spiritual Counseling and Astrological Readings. Her website: http://www.hudsonleick.com/

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