Jennifer Palmieri uses hard-earned experiences and lessons from her days in the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign – to name a few – to pen an empowering letter to the first woman president and, by extension, all women seeking positions of power. She aims to forge a new model of leadership that fully embraces their feminine qualities and demonstrates that women can best serve by being themselves.

As a country, we haven’t wrapped our heads around what it should look like for a woman to be in the job of President. Our only models are men. This, of course, was seen during Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and no one knows this better than Jennifer Palmieri. As she makes clear in DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT, Palmieri believes Clinton’s candidacy revealed how, despite all the gains women have made, we still struggle to envision a woman as president.  While wildly disappointed by the outcome of the election, Palmierioptimistically argues in the book that the Clinton candidacy and all she experienced on the campaign trail—confusion, admiration, hate, love, acceptance, rejection—can now open the country up to reimagining women in leadership roles. That is what Palmieri takes on in this book–redefining expectations for women hoping to make a difference and challenging a man’s version of how a woman leader should act, talk, and dress.

DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT will turn the results of the 2016 election into something incredibly empowering for future female leaders and independent thinkers everywhere. Whether you are running for office, just starting after college, climbing the corporate ladder, or endeavoring to assert yourself in virtually any situation, DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT will inspire and embolden you to attain your goals on your own terms.

Jennifer Palmieri is one of the most accomplished political and communications strategists in America today. Jennifer served as head of communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and White House communications director under President Barack Obama. She was also White House deputy press secretary for President Bill Clinton and national press secretary for the Democratic Party. She is currently President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has been a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other national print outlets, and is a frequent guest commentator on MSNBC news shows.

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