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I came across the mysterious, genre-bending duo, Emotional Oranges, somewhat behind the curve. It was not until their release of The Juice: Vol. II that I discovered the already thriving R&B collective while exploring my Spotify recommendations. This male/female team hails from Los Angeles, California and is currently signed to Island Records US of Universal Music Group. Their groovy, futuristic beats have been amassing a strong following since the release of their hit, “Motion,” in 2018. With this in mind, I discuss their most streamed song on Spotify, “Personal,” to open new listeners up to their fresh sound.

The sophomore track, “Personal,” is an almost comprehensive example of their contemporary R&B sound. Laced with hip-hop, pop, electronic, and funk elements, this tune bumps with an irresistible, sonorous bassline and wavy guitar riffs from start to finish. Its smooth, danceable energy makes this vibe fit for anything and everything between nights at the club to nights at home with your friends. “Personal” and other tracks from The Juice: Vol I & II shine alongside artists like Cautious Clay and UMI in the multidimensional, soulful world of modern R&B and anti-pop. As the pair’s charismatic and airy voices gloss the track, listeners are brought into a conversation of modern love. “It’s only been like three months/Why you take it personal, personal like that?” This relatable conversation of intimacy, miscommunications, and unequal affection remains playful as it rides on the disco-like, nostalgic beats. The duo has even shared a glittery and luscious music video and a cinema-inspired lyric video for “Personal.”

Emotional Oranges refuses to be defined by any one genre, captivating fans across the board. The pop-influenced groove would captivate fans of The Weeknd, H.E.R., Teyana Taylor, or even Solange. Kali Uchis, KAYTRANADA, and Anderson .Paak fans would be enticed by the soulful rhythms and electronic beats. While I think Emotional Oranges could be enjoyed by an older crowd, it seems their popularity lies with the newer generation of R&B/pop evolution. “Personal” captivated me from the first listen and I have no doubt this pair will only grow their fan base, or as they like to call it, their “citrus squad.”

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