Arshenic is a Polish rock/metal band, and their music is based on experimenting with metal, goth rock, folk, progressive rock and electronic.

The beginning

Arshenic was formed in 2006 in Gdansk by Ofilia (Oliwia Bartuś-Staszak), lead singer and lyricist. Since then the band has played about hundred concerts in Poland and Germany, and appeared in Polish edition of “Must be the music” TV show. They are also initiators of charity events to support local animal shelters.

The band is known for their energetic live performances, distinctive intriguing image and great connection with the crowd. They are always looking for a new ways to express and improve their art in every aspect possible so it is constantly evolving.

Dear Remorse

Dear Remorse is a single promoting the album Final Collision (premiere 20.05.2019).

The song is kept in a doom-gothic aesthetics with female lead vocals, background screams and symphonical nuances. The story behind the clip is referring to relationships between people living in their physical bodies and other non-physical entities like ghosts, angels or demons, presensce of which everyone of us may sometimes experience. It also can be seen as a expression of loss, despair and abandonment when someone close to us disappears from our life.


In September 2019 Arshenic started to record their new album Final Collision (out in August 20,2019 by Sliptrick Records)

“Final collision” is a second LP from a band Arshenic based in Gdańsk, Poland. It was recorded in september 2018 in Osso Studio in Gdansk. The album contains 8 new songs and 2 previously released “Unspoken” and “Monster”. Stylistically it is inspired by such genres as goth rock, art rock, folk, progressive rock and modern metal.

Throughout the album we can experience different styles and moods. For example, there are progressive ballad (“Sign”), uptempo rock songs(“Follow”), doomish and progressive (“Dear Remorse”), both calm and heavy(“Madness”, “Cold”), apocalyptic and complex(“Final collision”) .

Sound of the album is mainly defined by the various types of female vocals, both singing and screaming, clean and distorted guitars, diverse bass parts and dynamic drum playing with a little flavour of electronics, cellos and orchestral sounds in the background.

As far as lyrics are concerned, they cover topics like individualism, self-expression and inner emotional states, and are written mostly in a dark poetic manner. Also there are references to mysticism, magic and the unseen world which makes it even darker and more intriguing. In conclusion, “Final Collision” is a diverse mix of ideas in a dark stylistics that every fan of this type of art will be pleased with.

Band Members

Oliwia Bartuś-Staszak „Ofilia” – vocal, lyrics, melody

Włodzimierz Czuba „Vlad”– electric guitar

Marek Turło – bass guitar

Bartosz Staszak – drums

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