Mi5 Recordings is a record label that is distributed by Universal Music Group is located in New York City with representative offices in the UK, Paris France and Detroit Mi. Mi5 recordings was started by former Modern English member and multi-instrumentalist producer Ted Mason in 1998. Mi5 Recordings is dedicated to working with all genres of music as well as new and established labels in new of distribution. The state of the music industry is in rapid change.

There are far too many excuses then a real reason for this, digital downloads, digital piracy, greedy labels, short sited managers and artists requiring financially unmanageable advances, packaged artists dominated by and for a consumer driven audience with an attention span of 3 months or less and a loss within mainstream recording industry on what is really hip. There can be no one reason that has brought this major change , however one thing is certain, there is a major opportunity emerging that demands immediate attention.

Since established record labels require sales in the millions to satisfy shareholders’ profit demands, the companies have largely abandoned musically adventurous acts and artists. To maximize sales and profits, record conglomerates more often favor conservative acts, or those that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Consequently, a sizable, market share has been left untapped. Artists who reach a defined, cognizant audience are completely overlooked, even when they have, in the past, achieved consistent record/ ticket sales and critical acclaim. Among these musicians Mi5 Recordings sets up a bond and trust that goes beyond money, fame, or any of the other lesser trappings of pop culture. As a result, individuals with whom we work with at Mi5 are PARTNERS to an entertainment company, holding down production expenses through a shared, co-operative work strategy.