Kassie K. – From Parodies to Stardom

By: Joanna Gerberding

Kassie K., a Canadian singer-songwriter first noticed for her fitness parody “All About Those Gains,” has taken the world by storm. This pop music sensation, signed to RL Recordings, continues to record covers for her fans on ​Instagram​, ​YouTube​, and ​Facebook​; but her focus nowadays is her original work – something not unfamiliar to the young artist.

Since a young age, Kassie loved music. She began taking singing lessons and performing at local festivals in grade school and was writing and recording her own music by eleven years old. During high school she was part of the pop/rock band, Bell Tower Dreams, winning Band of the Month in 2009 for local radio station 99.3CFox. The band eventually went their separate ways, leaving Kassie with the experience she needed to thrive as a songwriter and performer.

Since making her debut as a solo artist, Kassie has released a total of six original songs. Her first release under the RL Recordings banner, “Out of Sight,” garnered high praise from those within the music industry. With its synthesized pop sounds and strong vocals, Kassie introduced herself in bold fashion turning heads and making everyone take note.

Her latest single. “Let Go” is an incredible listen that truly demonstrates her talents as a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. Her vocal talent is obvious from the first verse of any of her songs; her voice dances through her ballads, reaching out to touch the heart of the listener. Even more moving are her vividly ​real ​lyrics that spell out her desires and emotions unfettered by what they “should” be. She is incredibly honest in her music and is not afraid to change aspects of her style between songs, which is to her benefit. She pours her heart into every one of her songs, bearing her soul in each line.

It is this raw and honest emotion, more than anything, that has drawn the attention of fans worldwide. Her loyal fanbase adores this latest entry in her musical portfolio and are eager for more. Kassie certainly does not leave them wanting for content, she posts regularly to her social media and her covers have collectively earned over 12 million views. All this from a young Canadian girl who started out with a fitness parody.

Kassie K. is certainly one to watch – she has had incredible success so far and her star will only continue to rise from here. This artist’s dedication to her music and her fans, combined with her talent and work ethic, are the building blocks for great things to come.

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