Karma Sheen: Dreams & Destiny
By: Miss K

Karma Sheen’s explosive, flowing expressive EP was released in late 2018, but Karma Sheen had been an identity of destiny long before their music was released to the world. Their self-proclaimed ‘Raag-and-Roll’ sound is a new creation inspired by those who have come before. This influence has branched off and rebounded into its own inspiration. It is, however, more than influence that makes Karma Sheen so amazing; Karma Sheen is about connection: the connection between art and man, past and present, dreams and destiny. 

The origins of Karma Sheen are as fascinating as their music. Frontman and guitarist Sameer Khan is domaines how his calling to music was a sudden realization brought forth by almost coincidences – but these are not coincidence but the call of Destiny Herself. The first instance occurred when Khan read “Heavier Than Heaven,” a biography of Kurt Cobain. Khan recalled how he felt as though Cobain was a part of him, an emotion that was carried to the final page. As the Sun rose on that day in April, Khan finished the book with the knowledge that he wanted – needed – to be a musician. 

Khan’s Destiny was only strengthened by a dream he had the following December. In the dream, he was in a room where an old man was seated. The old man had an expression of pure happiness on his face. He said only one word: “Ao” which is Urdu for “Come”. “Come follow me, come join me”. Khan awoke. It was that morning he heard the news: Ravi Shankar had passed that night but had appeared to Khan in the dream. It was December 12, 2012 that sealed Khan’s destiny. Sameer Khan, mastermind of Karma Sheen, was destined to be not only a musician but carry on the legacy of those who have went before.

This destiny created a greater need: the call to lead and teach. The ultimate mission of Karma Sheen is to teach about Hindustani Classical music. Hindustani Classical is based on feeling and connecting, connecting what one feels to another. Hindustani Classical is ultimately based on Love, to bring healing and peace. Khan draws on not only his Pakistani roots but also pulls from the authenticity of Rock-n-Roll, particularly Jimi Hendrix. These two vast influences create a new sound Khan has named Raag-and-Roll. The music combines the energy of Rock-n-Roll with the passion of Hindustani Classical. It is a brilliant sound, truly like nothing I have heard before. Yes, one can hear the influences present but what makes the music so authentic is Khan’s own genius, his pride in his Pakistani roots, his passion for music. Simply, without this, there would be no Karma Sheen. 

Karma Sheen’s EP Alif was released to the world on December 12, 2012, unbeknownst exactly six years since Shankar’s passing. Each of the four songs is an amazing unique piece of music. As a whole, it is even more impressive. Sameer Khan is a young genius with his music connecting art and man, past and present, dreams and destiny. Karma Sheen’s future music is unknown at the moment but knowing Karma Sheen it will be at the very least amazing. 

Karma Sheen’s Alif is available on all major streaming sites.

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