From the heart of Mississippi, Hillary Reese has a sound of her own and everyone seems to love her country flair. Hillary reached over 30,000 followers on Facebook at 10 years old, right before she turned 11. She was discovered on Facebook after posting two videos, both of which received over one million views. She spent much of the past year in the studio writing and recording her own original songs with Kent Wells, who has been Dolly Parton’s producer of 28 years.

She has been blessed with opportunity to record her vocals at the Dark Horse Recording studio, which has clients such as: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Carried Underwood and many more. She has co-written with Liz Anne Hill, Tamara Stewart, Jayce Hein and Bridgette Tatum, all of whom are prominent in the Nashville community. While many artists take years to develop, her path has been fast-tracked to this point and in addition to recording in the renowned Dark Horse Recording Studio, her early live performances include features at The Roxy Theatre (Hollywood) and The Hard Rock Cafe and she has been selected as an S.O.S. Tour artist of 2020 (#StandupOwnupSpeakup). 

She is a triple threat, (singer/songwriter/musician), southern-belle with an edge and delights in entertaining and using her music to make her audience experience a personal emotion that is liberating and relevant to their lives. Hillary’s sound and lyrics pay homage to the icons of the past, connecting with the fans of the prior generations while simultaneously appealing to today’s younger generation with a new-school edgy sound. Her music emphasizes fun, fury and tradition all-in-one and reflects the impact and influence that artists from multiple genres have left on Hillary. 

Hillary Reese lives by and openly states: “if you put God first, then everything else always seems to fall in to place and work out!” 

Recent Single: “Wild Fires” Available Now 

Contact: Ablaze Entertainment Inc

[email protected]  213.332.8663