Fire In Her Eyes: the Explosion of Psychedelic-Pop
By Miss K

Fire In Her Eyes came at the right time from the right place: the London-based all-woman trio composed of the aligned forces of sisters Danielle and Natasha and their friend Gabrielle first started writing songs when they were just ten years old. In the years since, Fire In Her Eyes have officially become a band and have released two singles available on Spotify. Their music, however, is not just songs; it is a unique, ambitious, soaring experience of sound with harmonious idiosyncrasies scattered in rays of psychedelic perfection throughout. Their psychedelic-pop explosion was inspired by many and will certainly inspire many more.

Their debut single ‘Presenting’ is instantly one of the most captivating songs I have ever had the opportunity to experience. ‘Presenting’ is like fresh dew falling to awaken the senses of the sleeping soul. With driving melodic keys and haunting, lovely harmonies that flutter and shine throughout, the song is bursting with threads of wonder and excitement. The beautiful poetic lyrics seal the song as a strong single, yet I feel is only a mere glimpse of what Fire In Her Eyes are capable of.

Their second single ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ begins with a mesmerizing keyboard introduction. There are many strong lovely psychedelic tones throughout whether found in haunting vocals or the hypnotizing combination of the guitar and keys. The driving, pulsating drums top off the song strongly. With a rather abrupt ending, ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ is still as impressive and mesmerizing as the debut of ‘Presenting’.

Fire In Her Eyes is one of the best trips you can take. With their mesmerizing harmonies and driving beautiful instrumental, they are a band whose future appears clear and open, free to change and shift in unique waves, much like their music itself. Their psychedelic-pop explosion is far from being over. Take the trip, step inside. May I present to you the amazing sound of Fire In Her Eyes!

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