Dead Writers
By: Miss K

Locked somewhere in the late 70s, smuggled between the early days of Springsteen and Petty, between the dwindling days of Zeppelin, lies Dead Writers. Their strong 70s-inspired sound, however, fits perfectly into the modern scene. Dead Writers are inspired by legendary names such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, and the Cult – and their memorable name guys right in. The London-based explosive 5-piece was formed in 2017 and have released three fascinating single since. 

Their debut single “Medusa” was released in June 2018. An ode to the Greek myth, it will stop you in your tracks just like Medusa herself. The lyrics are fascinating, an ode full of sympathy for the monster. The guitars are very compelling, strongly influencing the shift and turn of the track. The vocals are mesmerizing – such a great voice for the song. 

The following “Echoes In The Sun” was released in October 2018. The lyrics are similar to Jim Morrison’s poetry, a work I admire and enjoy greatly. The layered vocals and more mellow guitar create a mystic atmosphere around the song. The vocals are incredible – starting calm then breaking off into free emotion. An excellent second single! 


“She’s All the Animals” is their most recent single and was released in November 2019. It is their catchiest single to date. There is a hypnotic appeal to Dead Writers and this appeal is strongly present on this track. The attitude and emotions in the vocals, the multiple guitars, the overall passion and literary-scattered lyrics contain a great promise for the band: an addicting fascination that will hypnotize listeners instantly. This addiction goes by the name of Dead Writers. Check them out, get hooked! The only cure is a paradox: to keep listening to the hypnotic wonders known by the name Dead Writers. 

The music of Dead Writers is available on all major streaming services. 

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