Camille Rae
By: Olivia Larson

There are hundreds of country artists crowding the airwaves of local radio stations all over the country. They feel stale, repetitive and nothing like Camille Rae. Merging new and old sounds, Rae covers genres from folk to pop to bluegrass and merges them all into an energetic harmony throughout two albums and newest 2019 EP.

I Need Me Camille Rae’s debut album, paints a colorful portrait of the singer’s home country roots. The catchy guitar riffs and powerful kick drums build a dreamy backing for the dynamic singer through songs like “Shadows Dance Tonight” and “Nowhere”. Rae relates to her audience through personable ballads and powerhouse country that grabs the listeners and doesn’t let them go until the album reaches its soulful ending.

The artist’s sophomore album Come Find Me builds on the intense, independent-sounding discography we needed from Rae. Released in 2017 and sassy throughout, snappy electric guitars and a vibrant banjo showcase Rae’s range in modern country; from soft ballads to joyful bangers, it seems she can do it all. However, where Camille truly shines is the second half of the album, which is decorated in risk and touches on a form of soul that’s been out of the mainstream since the ’70s. She swifts from pop to bluegrass to traditional country with such grace making it hard to believe this is only her 2nd album.

Her 2019 EP This Time brings an even newer modern edge to Camille Rae. Spanning from garage rock to bluegrass, Rae hits relatable notes of heartbreak and loss while powering through with a soulful tone of independence we don’t see in many mainstream artists. Grungy guitar riffs and a solid kick drums act as the basis for this soon to be classic EP that not only celebrates where Camille Rae has been, but where she’s going.

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