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Olivia Dean is certainly an artist on the rise. I discovered her music in my explorations of the more laid-back side of modern soul. This young singer-songwriter, born and raised in Walthamstow, London, has already captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners. She is currently signed to Virgin EMI Records of Universal Music Group. Several of her songs have been featured alongside artists like Leon Bridges, Daniel Caesar, Etta James, and other stars on many of Spotify’s curated playlists like Acoustic Soul and Sweet Soul Sunday. Her songs are threaded with relatable stories of love and heartbreak as demonstrated on her breakout track, “Reason To Stay” and following EP, Ok Love You Bye. Dean continues to explore this theme and open her heart on her newest single “Baby Come Home.”

Dean describes “Baby Come Home” as a song for when you’re missing the one you love. She paints the daily subtleties of life without her lover saying, “I made you a coffee, I don’t know why” and “Somehow our room don’t feel the same/Without your love, it’s just a space.” This intimate storytelling is immediately appealing and feels personal to anyone who has felt that loneliness. It sounds like a nostalgic daydream of a passionate kind of love without the dramatic language. Dean’s sound is rooted in soul, pop, and acoustic influences, and each of these elements shine through on this track. Her delicate and silky vocals are undeniably elegant and shimmer effortlessly over the backing soundscape. The steady, mellow rhythms are paired with a soft guitar to reflect the melancholy and wishful tone. This song would definitely be a perfect companion for the post-break-up blues, reminding listeners that these experiences in modern love are often shared. Last month, she posted an at-home music video and acoustic version of this song, highlighting that her talents lie within and outside of the recording studio.

As far as ‘artists to watch’ are concerned, I believe Olivia Dean will continue to find success in her youthful energy and irresistible voice. Fans of Ms. Lauryn Hill, DAISY, Arlo Parks, or Corinne Bailey Rae may all find themselves at Olivia Dean’s concert someday because of her ability to incorporate several genres into her unique sound. The sky’s really the limit for an artist with her songwriting and artistic talent.

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